Jeffrey Dublin

Jeffrey Dublin (“Jeff”), The Hudson County Register, was elected to office on November 2021. As the Register, he will oversee all recording of land title documents for properties within the 12 municipalities of Hudson County. He is married to his lovely wife Sonia and proud of father of seven (7) and grandfather (2) grandson.  

He got inspired to run for public office by his father, Matthew Dublin, an aide to Councilman Fred Martin, the first African American to have ever been elected to the Jersey City Council.

Prior to being elected as The Hudson County Register, Jeff worked as the Assistant Director of the Department of Public Works for the City of Jersey City Jeff has worked his way up through various public service positions in this City, Primarily as an Deputy Executive Director of the Jersey City Incinerator Authority(“JCIA”); which in 2016 merged with the City of Jersey City Department of Public Works (DPW) working his way up as an Inspector for the Department of Public Works and then a Supervisor of Roads for the Hudson County Division of Roads and Bridges.

As he continued his career in public service, Jeff became eager and motivated to do more in his community which led him to run for office, where he was victorious. First elected to the Jersey City Board of Education in 2004. It wouldn’t take long before he went for higher office by getting elected to the Hudson County New Jersey Board of Chosen Freeholders, now known as Hudson County Commissioners District 3. He directly served in a legislative role administering all county business.  While also serving in his terms as Freeholder, he was Chairman of the County Government Oversight and Policy Review Committee and the Transportation Committee.  In addition, he also became the President of the New Jersey Association of Counties. 

Through his increasing responsibilities, he was also afforded the opportunity to become a member of other committees such as Public Safety, Department of Corrections and Emergency Management, Purchasing, Task Force on the Homeless and finally whenever given the opportunity, he was an alternate member on the Hudson County Planning Board and Hudson County Improvement Authority. On all these committees, Jeff took it as an opportunity to grow professionally while also becoming familiar with ways to help others. 

In his prior position at the DPW, Jeff interacted with all employees on every level, from an operations aspect all the way up to what needed to be accomplished on the administrative end daily. While his tasks had increased tremendously during the pandemic (COVID-19) in order to continue to provide vital services to the residents of this City, it was imperative for him to focus on these qualities of life concerns that include the collection of solid waste and recycling, maintenance of lots, street sweeping  (mechanical and manual), and snow services.  As the Assistant Director, Jeff was committed to empowering his staff, working closely with elected officials so that he could continue to play his role in ensuring that the best services were provided to the residents, business owners, and visitors of Jersey City.

Jeff is also a Commissioners on the Jersey City Housing Authority and Hudson County Improvement Authority. Jeff is a graduate of Lincoln High School in Jersey City and the Betty Owen Paralegal School and attended Jersey City State College. Jeff takes advantage of his time by becoming knowledgeable of the things happening in his community and looking for ways where he can help improve them, not just for him and his family but for all those within his reach.