Hudson County Register’s Office Selects Harris Recordings Solutions to Modernize Records System

The Hudson County Register’s Office manages hundreds of thousands of land records, dating back to the county’s inception. This includes deeds, mortgages, assignments, letters of attorney to convey lands and other official records. These land records, dating back to 1962. To update and modernize our system we have changed online to Harris Recordings Solutions (HRS) Acclaim software. Harris Recording Solutions provides a full-suite of revolutionary software for County Clerks, County Recorders, and County and Municipal Courts. HRS began as a joint partnership with county governments and, to this day, have developed existing and new products as collaborative ventures, ensuring they stay true to their “by recorders, for recorders philosophy.” The county has chosen Harris to provide its Land Records Management System due to their industry leading expertise, process improvement, and customer support.

“Residents are accustomed to accessing information online from their private sector service providers and, as a result, have come to expect that level of service delivery, speed, and transparency from government,” said Hudson County Register Diane Coleman. Diane went further to explain that “Hudson County continues to take important steps in modernization of the Registers Office to stay ahead of changing technologies as well as provide a modern experience to our citizens.”

“We know Acclaim will exceed all of Hudson County’s expectations, and look forward to meeting what new opportunities come their way,” expressed Wayne Johnson, VP Sales and Marketing for Harris Recording Solutions. “Hudson County will, of course, continue to receive the customer care we pride ourselves on at HRS with person to person contact and an openness to improve our services as well as our products.”

Citizens can find more information at or visit the Hudson County Register’s Office located at 257 Cornelison Ave., 2nd Floor Jersey City, NJ 07302

Hudson County- Harris Recordings Solutions (HRS) Acclaim Partner Press Release FINAL