Homelessness Trust Fund



On May 1, 2019, Hudson County by resolution under authority of state statute, established “The Hudson County Homelessness Trust Fund” which authorizes the imposition of a $5.00 surcharge for documents recorded in the county, with the exception of assignments of mortgage, lis pendens, and notices of settlement.

The bill (A4132) was introduced in the NJ Assembly, and bill (S3046) was introduced in the NJ State Senate. The passage of these bills would permit up to a $5.00 increase in surcharge for documents recorded within the county for the homelessness housing trust fund.

Governor Phil Murphy approved and signed bill N.J.S.A.22A:4-17, et seq., the State of New Jersey 218th Legislature, Assembly, No, 4177 for immediate implementation. Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders has accepted and set forth commencement to begin May 1, 2019, P.L.2009, c123 (C.52:27D-287b) to amend the “Hudson County Homelessness Trust Fund” which authorizes the County to increase the fee by an additional ($2.00) surcharge for any document recorded in the County with the exception of assignments or substitutions of previously recorded Deeds of Trust. This surcharge shall be used exclusively for the Homelessness Trust Fund. 22a:4-4.1 lists the following documents to which this surcharge will apply:

  • Deed (Also any recorded document included in the Deed Book)
  • Re-Recorded Deed
  • Mortgage
  • Cancellation of Mortgage
  • Discharge of Mortgage
  • Re-Record of Discharge of Mortgage
  • Re-Record of Release
  • Tax Sale Certificate
  • Redemption of Tax Sale Certificate
  • Street Vacations/Dedication
  • Recording of Lien, Deed or related instrument by a Municipality


The Surcharge will increase the recording fee per designated DOCUMENT. Please include the additional fees when submitting documents for recording on or after May 1, 2019. Documents submitted without the correct fee amount will be returned to sender.

Please direct your questions to the Hudson County Register at 201-395-4760.

Jeffrey Dublin

County Register