Electronic Recording

Electronic recording (e-file) allows you to have your documents processed in accordance with the state legislation requirements for county recorders. Recording information (endorsement, receipt and the recorder’s digital signature) is embedded in the documents which are then returned electronically.

Please contact one of the providers below for more information regarding electronic recording.

Corporate Service Company (CSC)
Ph: 1-855-200-1150 (select option 1)                                                            Email: csc-help@cscglobal.com                                                                Website: www.erecording.com

Ph: (801) 223-1052
Email: Jeff Pettine jpettine@simplifile.com  Website: www.simplifile.com

ePN (eRecording Partners Network)
Ph: (888) 325-3365
Email: sales@GOePN.com                                              Website: www.goepn.com